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              What are the advantages and disadvantages of powder metallurgy processing technology?

              2019-01-04 (1996)Browse
              Powder metallurgy processing technology is really a fire at present, which greatly replaces the momentum of traditional processing technology, but a technology is not a panacea. Since there are many advantages, there must be products that are not suitable for processing by powder metallurgy. More understanding of powder metallurgy processing technology, then Xiaobian will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of powder metallurgy processing technology.

              What are the advantages of powder metallurgy processing?

              1: Production of complex parts forming technology
              Powder metallurgy is a complex and precise parts forming technology in various fields. Non-ferrous and non-ferrous metals, large size, small size, and various material types are difficult to achieve.

              2: Forming scheme for spare parts
              Whether in aerospace or underground pipeline transportation, or in the petroleum industry, as well as in the automotive and medical device fields, powder metallurgy is known as a metal forming technology solution.

              3: The product lasts longer
              Powder metallurgy molding technology extends the service life of machining components by increasing the reliability of components. Therefore, powder metallurgy is also known as the current first metal forming solution.

              4: Make the impossible possible
              Many complex and sophisticated parts are impossible to accomplish with traditional molding processes, and powder metallurgy makes these unrealistic problems possible and more stable.

              5: Can process complex parts in large quantities
              Powder metallurgy molding technology can process complex parts in large quantities. Because it can cut less without cutting during the molding process, the material waste is greatly reduced. The similarity of the formed parts is very high, and it is not easy to form scrap. Therefore, the powder metallurgy processing steps are few. The material utilization rate is high and easy to form, so the powder metallurgy processing cost is relatively low.

              6: Reduce processing and waste generation
              Powder metallurgy molding technology is a net near molding technology that can reduce manufacturing steps, no cutting, less cutting, reduce processing, reduce waste generation, almost no waste in various types of gear forming process, and extremely high utilization rate of steel resources. .

              What are the disadvantages of powder metallurgy processing?

              1: The oil-impregnated gear teeth are processed and formed. The effective time limit of oil lubrication is relatively short, and additional lubrication should be considered.

              2: Powder metallurgy is suitable for processing large quantities of complex parts. If the batch is less than 6,000 parts, the cost is higher than the traditional molding technology.

              The above is the introduction of many advantages and disadvantages of powder metallurgy processing technology. Although there are advantages and disadvantages, it does not affect the rapid development trend of powder metallurgy. Like some precision parts production, powder metallurgy processing technology will become the mainstream production and processing technology.

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